what we do


Collaborating with R&D teams to establish robust portfolio and asset strategies, partnering with influential Medical Affairs clients shaping strategy, and supporting Commercial clients in maximizing value—our unwavering dedication centers on rigorous analysis, uncovering profound insights, and actionable strategies.

With diverse academic backgrounds and profound scientific expertise across various research domains, SCIOD team members are united by a shared commitment to amplify their knowledge’s impact on the life sciences sector. Whether delivering comprehensive strategic support to biotech startups or precise solutions for large pharma firms, we tackle challenges head-on. Our broad academic experiences, combined with extensive real-world exposure, enable us to anticipate pivotal hurdles and consistently deliver exceptional outcomes for all our clients.

Sector expertise Capabilites Therapeutic areas


Development Strategy

  • How do we assess and evaluate the potential value of assets or indications?
  • How do we synthesize scientific, commercial, and stakeholder insights to optimize portfolio planning and strategy?
  • What innovative methodologies or trial design strategies will optimize recruitment, minimize cost, and increase probability of success?

Medical Affairs Strategy

  • How do we demonstrate the increasingly strategic value of Medical Affairs?
  • What is the optimal strategy and operational plan to support product launch?
  • How can we formulate integrated evidence plans to generate data and insights to support regulatory approval, access, reimbursement, and adoption?

Competitive Strategy

  • What market intelligence and analytics can we leverage to inform our strategies and anticipate market trends?
  • Do we have contingency plans to adapt to competitive scenarios or launch timing?
  • What is our strategy to respond to competitor events or new data/messages?

Go-to-Market Strategy

  • How do we transition from clinical to commercial (strategy, org design, timing)?
  • What is an effective strategy to swiftly enter new markets, navigate regulatory challenges, and establish a strong competitive position?
  • Do we have an integrated launch plan that is aligned with strategic imperatives and part of an overall launch readiness process?

Therapeutic areas of expertise




Cardiovascular Diseases


Immunology and Inflammatory Diseases


Neurology and Central Nervous System Disorders


Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases


Rare Diseases

And others including, but not limited to,

Infectious Diseases, Respiratory Diseases, Hematology